The Silent Wife

In A.S.A. Harrison’s novel The Silent Wife we learn very early on that Jodi Brett will kill someone. She’s been living with Todd Gilbert for 20 years and they have built a life together that seemingly benefits them both. It becomes apparent quickly that their ideal romantic relationship dissolved into a convenient roommate situation well before we met them. They are a couple living near each other other without liking each other very much. Jodi appreciates solitude and the home she created. Todd appreciates an orderly home and the freedom to spend a lot of time away from it.

Harrison tells the story in “He said, she said” chapters. Neither of them are invested in their relationship, but neither wanting to give up. Jodi is a therapist who picks her clients based on certain criteria that measures how severely fucked up they are or not. She doesn’t want to take on any clients that she probably won’t be able to help. Todd develops property and owns his own successful company. Todd finances their lifestyle while Jodi provides the class and culture.

Its interesting to know that there will be a murder hundred’s of pages before it happens. It left me constantly wondering how it was going to happen since I was pretty sure I knew that Todd would be the victim. Todd took risks in his work and his love life. For Jodi to take the commitment and risk needed to commit murder, she has to devolve from the ostrich in the sand that we meet at the beginning to someone who’s willing to lie, cheat, and kill.

A.S.A. Harrison wrote an intriguing story that can be read quickly and enjoyably. Great, quick read!

Read February 2014


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