Dark Places

Dark Places is the second Gillian Flynn novel that I’ve read, and I just love her! She twists and turns the plot until the reader is totally confused about who did what and when and how. Her novel em>Gone Girl examined a fucked up couple and how psychopaths can make life hell. In Dark Places, Flynn examines a family where 3 members died in the Satan Sacrifice of Kinnakee, Kansas by the hands of Libby Day’s brother. Or so we’re told. Flynn starts the story 25 years after the massacre where Libby Day remains fighting the demons of that night and living off the generosity of strangers who sent money to help her survive the tragedy.

When the money starts running low, Libby faces the past for the first time since the court trial. With the financial help of the Kill Club, a group of serial killer fans, Libby tracks down people from her past to try to reconcile new memories of the night her mother and 2 sisters were killed and she lost toes, finger, and innocence. Libby is the only witness to her family’s murders and she testified about her older brother’s involvement in the murders and satanic cults, having him convicted and serving life in prison.

Libby’s present story mingles with her brother’s tale leading up to the 1985 murders. Ben Day was a young kid with almost no friends. The Day’s poverty affected him more than Libby and her sisters and he reached out to whomever would accept him. Libby meets up with all of Ben’s former friends and we learn how Ben was convicted of the murders.

Flynn created a story with so many plot twists that we get to experience the emotional roller coaster with Libby. Did she falsely remember her brother’s voice that night, were there satanic rituals in Kinnakee, and ultimately was her brother guilty? Flynn allows us into her world which is a dark, exciting place filled with psychopaths and murderers and no one is truly innocent.

Read February 2014

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