Let Me Go

Let Me Go is the newest in Chelsea Cain’s series about Gretchen Lowell, the Beauty Killer, who has tormented Archie Sheridan for over a decade. In Kill You Twice, the previous book in the series, Gretchen escaped the Oregon State Hospital, outwitted Archie, and left with no trace.

Let Me Go picks up ten weeks after Gretchen’s escape. Cain focuses this novel on several days leading up to Archie’s birthday and Halloween. Archie’s love life appears to have picked up nicely since the last novel and he continues his tryst with his neighbor who bears a striking resemblance to Gretchen, which both Archie and Rachel use as part of their seduction. Susan Ward, the former Oregonian reporter, remains in Archie’s life but her resentment towards him colors their relationship. And of course, even when not in sight, Gretchen remains a constant lover for Archie, whether through memory or tormenting.

Cain is able to dissect Archie’s misguided relationship with Gretchen using the other woman in his life. Ultimately Gretchen will not allow any other woman in Archie’s heart and uses Archie’s birthday as an excuse to give him a gift to remind him once again that she is never far from him.

I still haven’t read all the novels, but this novel flashes back to Gretchen and Archie’s original seduction and Archie’s fall. Cain makes it clear that Gretchen had him in her sights from the beginning and will do whatever she needs to in order to keep him.

Archie’s love triangle problems are placed on the backdrop of another serial killer operating on an isolated Lake Oswego island. On this island, Archie must revisit his drug addiction and his protectiveness towards Susan to survive a Masked Ball weekend at an infamous drug lord’s party.

Once again Chelsea Cain twists her way to the finale with the reader following her the whole way. I thought it was interesting how little time passed from the beginning to end of the story, but the amount of detail is incredible. Cain is a true storyteller with a very morbid mind!

Read January 2014


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