Remember Me?

Remember Me? is a Sophie Kinsella novel and it is true to her form. Kinsella is very good at the characterization of woman of a certain age and class. Not being British, I don’t fully understand the class dynamic, but its very clear in her writing when we encounter someone from a different class.

In this novel, class is especially important. We meet Lexi Smart who went out to a bar in 2004 and wakes up in present day 2007. In the preceding 3 years, none of which our narrator remembers due to a car accident and subsequent amnesia, she became a career oriented, bitch boss, who married a very wealthy success-driven partner. On paper, Lexi has the dream life. A career where she’s making 3x her former income, a penthouse in ‘loft style living’, a beautiful, devoted husband, a new body including new teeth, and rich successful friends.

As we follow Lexi in her immersion into her new world, the cracks in the perfect life slowly start to appear. As we learn how Lexi became so successful and focused, Kinsella shows us what she’s lost in return. In trying to rediscover her 3 lost years, Lexi regains part of her 2004 life back.

Kinsella is a popular chick lit author for a good reason. Her stories, while female centered, don’t follow a trite storyline. While Lexi is involved in several romances, one of which helps rediscover whom she is, its not the romance that holds the story together. Lexi’s search for herself and her former friendships are the driving force of this novel, and strong female friendships are what make Sophie Kinsella’s books enjoyable to read. Plus, she likes a good curse word mixed into her internal and external dialogue!

Read January 2014


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