Doctor Sleep

Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep is the continuation of Danny Torrance’s life after surviving the Overlook Hotel. Years later we find Dan, still shining, and living an existence of avoiding of it. He drinks to escape, but finds himself middle-aged with nothing to show for it except a lot of guilt.

He finds himself connecting with a young girl with amazing shining abilities. He becomes her mentor since she’s begun seeing things that can and will hurt her without help. King emphasizes the importance of having a teacher or father figure in your life to help you to the next step. While Dan mentors Abra Stone with her shining ability, the adult Dan still needs a father in his life. His AA sponsor helps Dan recover his life and he’s train conductor friend help him realize part of his childhood. What Danny lost as a child, he recovers a piece of that bond years later.

Dan’s past is ever present with ghosts from the Overlook and his memories haunting him. He needs to overcome his own demons and help Abra resist attack from a tribe of soul sucking beings who eat off the shining kids to feed their eternal life.

By the end, King wraps up Dan’s story where it began at the Overlook Hotel. But this time, he’s not alone and he brings friends with more than just the shining powers. He’s found a family along the way.

This was a great read in itself, but it was fantastic to read what happened to little Danny Torrance after his father was left behind in the Overlook Hotel. King writes a gripping tale from beginning to end and as always develops his characters and make the readers invested in their outcome.

Read December 2013


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