jemima j

Jane Green’s jemima j is a pretty typical story about the overweight, undervalued mid-twenty’s woman who gains self esteem, loses weight, gets the job and the man. There is a slight twist mid-novel which was unexpected and amusing, but overall this was a predictable storyline. There are the bitchy, ditzy beautiful roommates on the hunt for a rich man. The gorgeous yet untalented co-worked who gets all the stories and credit, although we all could predict that its our brainy, witty protagonist that writes the articles.

Also, Green could not decide if she wanted to write in 1st person or 3rd and switched it up throughout. Sometimes we heard directly from our heroine Jemima, but other times we had a omniscient narrator. I thought it was a little overdone and would have appreciated sticking to one type of narration.

Overall, this was an easy read that I finished while sitting watching the Pacific Ocean. A good book when you don’t want to think too hard and just want the good guys to win.

Read November 2013


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