The Snowman

The Snowman is the second Harry Hole mystery that I’ve read by Jo Nesbo. The story follows a serial killer that began in 1980 and killed one woman a year unnoticed until 2004 when Harry Hole receives an anonymous note regarding the Snowman. Harry has to piece together a mystery that many don’t believe exists since it starts with a list of missing women whose bodies have never been found.

Nesbo takes us around Oslo and Bergen to try to find any evidence that these women had a connection to each other or any of the suspects that Harry considers. There are clues left along the way but they took Harry and the reader in the wrong direction several times. Its not until the end that the reader is given a clear picture of the murderer and why he did what he did.

Harry is a bit of a recluse inspector, always close to being fired, but he’s so dedicated to the job that he’s lost so much in his life. And almost loses everything.

This is another great read by Nesbo. The story and characters drew me in and I took all the plot twists along with Harry. I felt his pain over his lost relationship with Rakel and her son. And Harry’s concern over their future. In the end, Harry’s personal life and murder investigation cross each other in an unexpected and disturbing way.

Read September 2013


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