The Fallen Angel

Daniel Silva’s The Fallen Angel, follows Gabriel Allon, a former Israeli spy and current art restorer, on his secret quest given to him by the Holy Father to find the murderer of a coworker, Dr. Claudia Andreatti. Allon and his beautiful Italian wife Chiara research the murder and uncover a criminal network that could bring down the Vatican.

Silva weaves the mystery with the beautiful surroundings into a great story. I was drawn not just to the murder inquiry, but also to the descriptions of the Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica, and ancient and modern day Jerusalem. The story has multiple bad guys which test the ability of our fearless spy and drag him back into the Israeli spy organization, to protect the existence of Israel and thousands of Jewish lives from an imminent attack.

Silva does delve into Israeli-Palestinian politics, but mostly from an ancient historical perspective which goes along with many of his detail descriptions of the world that Allon inhabits.

This was a very well written mystery that covers multiple countries and conspiracies, never letting our hero or the reader get a break before the next catastrophe will need to be prevented. This is the first Allon mystery that I’ve read and Silva included enticing details about past adventures that make me think this won’t be my last.

Read July 2013

Note: Received this book from a free library while walking the streets of Helena, MT. Cheers to those who inspire others to read by providing free reading material! I will need to find a way to return this back, or maybe share with others in the same manner.


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