The Age of Miracles

Karen Thompson Walker’s The Age of Miracles tells the story of the earth’s rotation slowing and what happens to as the days grow longer. Julia is 11 year old girl who plays soccer and has sleep overs with her best friend when she learns that the world is slowing. Although no one could predict what this slowing would do, it almost immediately impacts everyone in Julia’s life.

As the world around her tries to adjust to the progressively longer days, Julia is doing her best to grow up. When the governments around the world decide to remain on a 24 hour day clock to keep businesses going, the population separates by those on clock time and those on real time. As the days and nights grow the environment around Julia starts to die off. Birds. Grass. Eucalyptus Trees.

In the middle of these changes, Julia deals with the lose of friendships and first loves while watching the world and the life she knows falling apart. She gets her first bra while having to deal with her parents relationship falling apart. Life still happens even as the world changes.

Walker gives us a narrator that is in “…the age of miracles, the time when kids shot up three inches over the summer, when breasts bloomed from nothing, when voices dipped and dove.” And to this narrator the world is undergoing a negative kind of change.

This was a great story and and quick read. Walker brought me into her dystopia and made me appreciate our current world. I appreciate the sunshine and strawberries a little more today.

Read June 2013


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