Paris In Love

Eloisa James’s Paris In Love is a book about her experience while living abroad with her family in Paris. She has short narratives interspersed with her Facebook postings and Tweets that she sent while living abroad.

If you’re going to live for a year in Paris, good for you. I love Europe and the expatriate experience. Write about it and I’ll read it with a very forgiving eye.

If you choose to compile your Facebook postings and Tweets instead of actually writing a novel, I may read it, but will wonder how it got published.

Had I been following James during her year abroad, I would have been amused and jealous of the wonderful experiences that she writes. Many of her observations are insightful and/or beautiful and I would have enjoyed reading it on Facebook amongst all the pictures of kids and cats that normally comprise my homepage.

As a novel, it’s tiresome. If any of the tweets are worth caring about (which many are) the thread of the story ends before fulfilling the reader.

And if you’re writing for an American Audience, please don’t assume we speak French. Translate.

Read April 2013

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