The White Mary

Kira Salak’s The White Mary is a story of a 30-something journalist Marika who travels the world for her writing. Along the way we are introduced to many of her co-workers or people who’ve helped her land the story or picture.

Marika has much acclaim thrown her way at a very young age for getting the story no matter the danger. She travels to war torn countries, has been shot, attacked, tortured before finally allowing her life to slow down. But when she does, she doesn’t know what to do.

Having never met Robert Lewis, the renowned war journalist and writer, she is inspired by his life and when she learns of his death she vows to write the story of his life. She obsesses over Robert Lewis’s life and when the possibility that he’s alive presents itself, she races to Papua New Guinea to find his trail. Or is it a white missionary’s trail?

Throughout Salak explores the remoteness of Papua New Guinea and war torn countries including the atrocities that are endured by the war reporters. Her writing on Papua New Guinea respects the different tribes that Marika encounters and presents characters that are honest people, not just caricatures.

This was a wonderful story about a woman who lives life on the edge and has to travel to the most remote place possible to truly find herself. Salak brings the reader to very different places and allows her characters to fully live in each locale. Great story!

Read March 2013


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