Belong to Me

De los Santos’s Belong to Me is definitely in the Chick Lit category for me, but its still a great read. I think part of what makes it Chick Lit are some common themes that can be found: affable main character, female driven drama (strong friendship, relationship problems, pregnancy, etc.), charming significant other or love interest, and most importantly everything working out in the end. None of these traits necessarily make for a bad read, in fact, just the opposite can be true.

“Belong to Me” is the story of Cornelia Brown and her move from her hip urban life to suburban yoga mommy-hood. Of course Cornelia is charming and wears down the most hard of critics, her neighbor and self proclaimed queen bee Piper. De los Santos has several narrators to break up the perfect life of Cornelia (which we all know won’t turn out to be as perfect). We get to hear from Piper as she deals with her best friends cancer and from a wonderfully refreshing brilliant teenager, Dev.

All the stories are interesting and they are nicely intertwined, so no emotion overrides the story. It was an enjoyable glimpse into these characters lives and a light easy read.

Read March 2013


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