Glaciers is a very short novel or a long free-verse poem about a young woman Isabel who has lived in Alaska and now Portland, OR. She works at the Central library with damaged old books. This work has the feel of stream of consciousness as she jumps from one story to another and the entire novel doesn’t have a cohesive thread or much of an ending, more like a brief look into someone else’s mind. But maybe that is the intent.

The stories are beautifully told and the author whisks the reader through a brief love interest, childhood dreams, and old postcards. It flows from beginning to end without me wanting more that what it gave.

Living in Portland, I particularly liked her use of the city as part of the story and her rummaging through the old parts of town to secure a beautiful vintage dress or eating veggie Chinese food. Portland seems like a good city to choose since its filled with a generation that seems to try to hold onto the past while creating their own future.

Read December 2012


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