A Visit from the Goon Squad

Jennifer Egan’s work, A Visit from the Goon Squad, is a collection of stories linked together by a common pasts to create one novel. Not all the characters are linked together, but most of them have a connection either in the present or past.

The overall story is about a group of aging music workers (producer, band members, groupies) that are trying to stay current in an ever evolving industry. The story flips from current to past to future with a strange world catastrophe back drop at the end. The only one who seems to bring hope to this future generation is a music loser brought back to life from his old bandmate- current manager/producer.

All of the characters are mostly believable and the story that unfolds is interesting. I read this book intertwined with others and had a hard time at the beginning grasping who is connected to whom and from when. The jumps in time also made it harder if not paying close attention, but by the end of the novel it was easier.

I would recommend this novel with the caveat that is not good for a distracted reader.

Read December 2012


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